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At the 2017 AGM it was agreed that the committee would explore providing Turbo Trainers in the clubhouse for members. The resolution stated:

‘SCC Committee to introduce Turbo sessions for the benefit of club members commencing in October 2018, subject to the following conditions being met’:

a) There is sufficient interest from SCC members to make the proposal viable. It is suggested that a minimum of 10 be required for the proposal to go ahead.

b) The cost to not exceed £3000. This to cover the cost of purchasing up to 5 turbos, 10 fans, 10 mats plus the fees for initial coaching sessions.

We are now seeking to:

a) Find out the level of interest and for some reasonably firm commitments from members before we proceed to make any purchases.

b) Hear members’ views on how a scheme might operate.

c) Receive any general observations members have.

The attached document provides more detailed information and an email address for response.

Let us know what you think.

Click here for the document: TURBO TRAINERS




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