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Tom Receives a Gold Medal from Bradley Wiggins at the North West Champs

Words by Neil Robinson – Images by Graham Moreton

Throughout the season whether it is youth or adult races there is an army of officials who ensure the events are run efficiently, within the rules and goodBrad and Tom natured. Many have devoted their daily lives and spare time to ensure the competitive aspect of the sport continues and the next generation of professional riders are nurtured.

Often we can overlook these stalwarts of cycling, their grey jackets helping them blend into the background but for one it was time to celebrate his service to the sport.

Tom Greep started is cycling career in 1956 with St Christopher CCC and has performed just about every job in local cycling including Chairman of BCF for 18 years and the first ever Chairman of North West British Cycling. Tom still officiates as a road commissaire, track commissaire, race judge and organiser of too many races to list here. He has already been awarded a life member of British cycling and on Saturday was awarded a gold medal. It was only right and proper that a man with such a rich history in cycling to be presented the award by another medal winner and the first ever British winner of the Tour de France, Sir Bradley Wiggins.

brad tom david joseph and danielWhen we talk about grassroots cycling what more could epitomise the phrase than a Saturday morning in a windy park on the North West coast, tea and cake in a club house, parents huddled around shouting encouragement and volunteers keeping the track safe. It was with such ease that Sir Brad was able to be a part of grassroots cycling, happy to hand over the award, pose for a photo or two and then watch the racing with family and friends.

There are many more who deserve a mention but will often shy away from the limelight such as our own Ken Beck and Colin Baldwin, organisers of races and time trials known by many as the pillars of local cycling.

Thank you to all the volunteers, parents and riders for making the day a great day.

If this has inspired you to get back into cycling why not contact your local club, we meet every Monday at 8pm in our clubhouse on Rotten Row.

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