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Upcoming Events

6:00 pm 10 Mile TT 15th April at 19.01 (...
10 Mile TT 15th April at 19.01 (...
Apr 15 @ 6:00 pm
Our Regular ‘Club’ events can resume, with riders from other clubs welcome. The first event of the season will be a 10 Mile TT on 15th April at 19.01  ( signing on from 18.00 to[...]

THIS WEEKEND’S RIDES 15th / 16th of June

Saturday 8:30

Ashurst Shaley and Gathurst.

A 55 mile ride with 3 climbs. Coffee at Cedar. Meet clubhouse 8:30, Ainsdale 8:45.
Forecast is for drizzle. Will update in morning if weather poor.

Saturday 9:30

Cedar Farm. A 35 mile ride. Meet Plough.

Sunday 9:00

Ray’s Gargrave Grind.

A hilly 50 mile ride through the  YorkshireDales. Details re meeting etc above.

Sunday 9:30

Blackgate Lane ride.
About 70+ miles.

Sunday 9:30

30/40 mile ride. One or two groups – decided at bus stop.


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