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9:30 pm Brian Wharton memorial ride for ...
Brian Wharton memorial ride for ...
Feb 20 @ 9:30 pm
A memorial ride for club members which will be held on Sunday February 20th( a date close to his birthday). Please check back for more details nearer the time or check the Southport CC Facebook[...]

‘On Yer Bike’ – Visiter Column – What about our mental health?

Article 64 – by Ian Bailey

It is true that cycling will increase your cardiovascular fitness. It’s great forCollective refreshment stops toning and building your muscles especially your calves and thighs and interestingly it can help to improve some joint conditions by its repetitive low impact nature. If you cycle a little faster than a leisurely pace you can burn a lot of calories that help reduce your waistline.

Cycling has also been associated with increasing your longevity in life-years if you do it regularly as part of your weekly lifestyle. Coordination skills have been known to improve through regular cycling as the system to rotate the pedals whilst balancing and steering is complex but achievable with practice.

What about our mental health?

“Old, young, tourer, commuter or mountain biker, whatever your age or favourite form of cycling, getting on a bike is just as good for your mental health as it is for your physical health” A quote from Rob Ainsley of Cycle Magazine.

With the increased blood flow to the brain positive feel good feelings materialize

A mood lifing scene from a wintery cycle ridedue to increased levels of endorphins such as Serotonin. With this upsurge in endorphins our mood lightens which in turn allows us to feel good about ourselves. Everyday problems seem to melt away as we drift along in the fresh air fully in control of our own destiny so how long and how far you cycle is entirely your choice and this ability to regain control of your life is also important if only temporarily. It’s like having a little holiday of your own during a busy week and can help you cope with work pressures.

Group cycling can add more to your cycling by introducing you to like minded people who enjoy nothing more than going out and enjoying the day riding and chatting this can help you to enjoy social inclusion and bring new motivations to keep you up with your cycling commitment from week to week.

Mental Health Awareness Week will run from Monday 16th May until Friday 22nd May 2016 and Lancashire Care Trust would like ‘On Yer Bike’ cyclists and readers to record their miles between these dates. There isn’t any need for sponsorship or donation all the Mental Health team require is for you to pledge the number of miles you rode during that week and perhaps a note to say how you enjoyed the experience and if you intend to do more miles in the future.

Once you have tallied up your miles you are requested to either email the organiser at cycle4mh(at)btinternet.com or telephone 01772773600 to give them your totals.

Breathtaking sceneryTo coincide with this effort three rides have been organised in Preston, West Lancashire and Chorley on the 16th , 19th and 20th of this month more details on these can be sought by telephoning or emailing the contacts mentioned.

Heads Up

The BC Friendly Cycling Group have organised many great free rides for us all to enjoy. If you would like to get out and ride with this fantastic ride group run by their super friendly ride leader Craig Atherton and his excellent team of trained ride leaders then you must register to ride on the Goskyride website at


Keep peddlin’

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