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New Years Day Iron Man Ride


Ready for the Start – Graham on camera duty

The club ride to the Iron Men in Crosby to welcome in the New Year and clear the head after the festive celebrations has been an annual tradition since the inaugural outing in 2009, with just 7 members.

This year a total of 18 riders undertook the journey which starts from the club in Rotten Row.
After the traditional exchange of greetings the group posed for the camera prior to departure at 9.30am. This year we had the services of a ‘proper’ lensman in the shape of a recent new member Graham Moreton.

The first port of call was to visit a former club member Dave Dwyer who was seriously injured in a bike accident 3 years ago, he lives just by the club and the quick hello was appreciated.

Onwards along the cycle path adjacent to the Coast Road to Ainsdale,where we picked up the club Audax champion Pete Gawthorne his mate Malcolm Heathcoat, and Pete and Wendy Scott. Through the pinewoods to Freshfield, across Fishermans path to Victoria Road and onto Formby.
Not everyone was riding a mountain bike so a few riders saw fit to take a shortcut to avoid the sandy sections…at this point one of the Youth Section stars James Holloway came to a halt because his cleats were clogged up with sand, slight delay and he was on his way after the Club President came to his rescue with a twig to remedy the problem….
Carrying on to the now resurfaced cycle path to Hightown, good riding all the group staying together and waiting for each other when required, nice to see.

About a mile from the destination the outgoing Social Sec.Howard Massam suffered a front wheel puncture. H is fairly new to this branch of cycling and wasn’t aware he had a flat until it was pointed out to him, he said “I thought it was hard work!”.
He carried on riding with the flat until the arrival at the much appreciated cafe truck…
At this point we were joined by Ralph Critchley(Charlie’s dad) who recently had a bad fall from the bike,good to see him…
Lots of chips,bacon butties and coffee were consumed by the hungry riders…
Jamie Clark(Overseas rider of the year 2010), was meeting his wife at the location, his ride was over for the day.
Moving on it had now started to rain, so waterproofs were donned as the peloton rode on past Hall Road towards Ince and Lunt. Geoff Caton left for home at this point as being a ‘kopite’ was going to the match (a bad decision), looking at the result. Making our way on the road to the Cheshire Lines cycle route across muddy paths and fields our lady rider Wendy Scott decided to push the bike for a while, before remounting following encouragement from others.
A speedy ride along the route to Ainsdale followed with lots of photo opportunities en route. By this time everyone was in muddy state, bikes wheels were clogged up, particularly Graham’s as he was on a road bike, not really suitable for the terrain.

Finally arrived back to Ainsdale just before 1 o’clock a thoroughly enjoyable first ride of the year. The group departed to go their separate ways home, to hose bikes down and cycling gear straight in the washing machine. A tradition well worth continuing in future years.

Worth noting 3 members of the Youth Section completed the ride with consummate ease, well done everyone and thanks for your company…..


Three Juniors Ready for the Start


Graham (and others) in front of the camera

Colin Baldwin(El Presidente)


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