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SCC: Covid 19 Policy – Newsletter: Sept 2020

Download a copy here  Newsletter Sept2020

Southport Cycling Club Newsletter: Sept 2020

SCC: Covid 19 Policy

We had hoped to amend the policy outlined in the July Newsletter and to formally reintroduce club rides (in groups of 6 max) from next week. However, this week’s announcements mean that we need to put this decision on hold. Thus, we will still operate under the existing guidance with one alteration. From now on please use the SCC Rides Whatsapp Group to organise rides amongst yourselves that are compliant with the guidelines.

We do have an issue with large groups meeting at the Plough. On a number of occasions more than 6 riders have turned up, recently the numbers approached 20. These large groups were then subdivided into groups of 6 to ensure compliance with Covid policy. There is a concern that the club will be viewed negatively if this continues. People waiting to catch the bus may have difficulty socially distancing from us etc and it’s quite possible that under the new, stricter guidelines someone will ‘report’ the club to relevant authorities. The committee have therefore asked that rides no longer start from the Plough bus stop but instead start from just past the BP garage (there is a small tarmac area just beyond the garage).

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Clubhouse Refurbishment Update

Whilst the clubhouse is closed we are taking the opportunity to make some of the improvements agreed at the last AGM.

Re-decorating is underway and we will soon be upgrading/replacing the furniture. Also, new flooring will be fitted.

There are currently four large benches in there (see photo) which are available should anyone want one.

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Southport’s unsung hero Jack Lowe is 90 in July

Mention the Southport Road Cycling Club to any older cyclist and Bill Bradley’s name immediately comes up.

Left to Right; Jack Lowe, the late Broo Rimmer and Roy Freeman also an Ex club member who is also 90 in July now riding for Preston Wheelers.

This is hardly surprising as Bill was, without

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Southport Cycling Club Newsletter: June 2020

SCC: Covid 19 Policy

The following policy was approved at the virtual committee meeting held on June 22nd. This policy will run until July 5th when the rules on social distancing change.

British Cycling Policy

The policy of the club throughout the pandemic has been to follow the guidance of British Cycling (BC) and to

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Suspension of Evening Time Trials Update

SCC Committee have regretfully taken the decision that we will not be promoting our Thursday Evening TT series for the remainder of the season – with the possible exception of a couple of ‘SCC Member Only’ events if a way can be found to fully comply with the latest CTT guidelines and risk assessment.


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Clubhouse open today (15th of June) for Kit Orders

All members who have ordered kit the clubhouse will be open on Monday 15th June from 7.00pm to 8pm to pick it up. Opening for kit pick up only. Please bring correct money or pay by cheque. Short sleeve jerseys are £40.00. And bib shorts are £48.00. Strict distancing/hand hygiene measures will be followed.