AGM 2018

The AGM for 2018 will be at the Club Room starting at 7.00. pm on Monday 10th December.

The Agenda for the AGM and the official notice for the AGM can be seen on this page (click the text to go) or at the Club Room.

The Agenda will be published on 26th November

Membership Applications


For information on membership renewal or to apply or change your current details please click here

Upcoming Events

7:00 pm Annual General Meeting @ Club Room
Annual General Meeting @ Club Room
Dec 10 @ 7:00 pm
Extracts from the Club Constitution The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year, normally in December. Notice of the AGM shall be posted on the Club Notice board and on the Club[...]
9:30 am Boxing Day Time Trial
Boxing Day Time Trial
Dec 26 @ 9:30 am
Boxing Day Time Trial, 9:30 start time. Meet at the Club Room from Up and down the Coast Road (Weld Road  to Pontins and back). Prizes for the best decorated bike and rider.

Committee Meetings and Minutes


The rules of the club state that “The Club shall be controlled by the Committee as elected at the AGM. The Committee shall meet as required.” Members of the Committee are listed on the Club Officials page. The Committee meet on a monthly basis, usually the last Tuesday of the month.

Minutes of Committee meetings
At the AGM on 14 December 2011 it was agreed that MoM would be dispayed on the Club notice Board and on the web site. MoM will be posted here in the future

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30thOctober 2018 MoM

25th September 2018 MoM

24thJuly 2018 MoM

29thMay 2018 MoM

3rd April 2018 MoM

20th February 2018 MoM

9th January 2018 MoM


1st February 2017 MoM

18th April 2017 MoM

5th June 2017 MoM

1st August 2017 MoM

3 October 2107 MoM

7th November 2017 MoM



22nd November 2016 MoM


28th June MoM

31st May MoM

26th April MoM

29th March MoM

23rd Feb MoM

5th January MoM

2015 Combined File for 2015 MoM

24th-November-2015-MoM20th October 2015 MoM1st-September-2015-MoM4th August 2015 MoM7th July 2015 MoM12th May 2015 MoM31st March 2015 MoM24th February 2015 MoM3rd February 2015 MoM4th January 2015 MoM

2014   Combined File for 2014 MoM

4th November 2014 MoM2nd_September_2014_MoM8th_July_ 2014_MoM27th_May_2014_MoM15th_April_ 2014 MoM11th_March_2014 MoM11th February 2014 MoM7th January 2014 MoM